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The following is a summary of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.
Before contacting us, we would be happy to resolve any questions you may have immediately through this page.

About GLI Online English

QDo I need to pay a registration or admission fee?

ANo, there is no registration or enrollment fee.

QWhat do I need to get started?

AA device such as a PC or tablet, WIFI environment, writing utensils, and an English notebook.

QWhat can GLI Online English do for me?

AOne-on-one lessons are available via Zoom. In addition to events and seasonal events such as Christmas and Halloween, we also offer online parent workshops and International Day events for international understanding.

QCan I take classes from overseas?

AYes, you can. You can take lessons from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the necessary environment. Day events are also available online.

About Zoom

QWhat is Zoom?

AThis application was developed to hold seminars and meetings online using devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

QI don't know how to operate Zoom.

AIf you are new to the program, our staff will explain it to you during your trial.

About Lessons

QWho are the instructors?

AA wide range of people are enrolled. For more information, please watch the introduction video on the lesson reservation page.

QIf I miss a lesson, can I make it up?

AYes, transfer is available once a month.

QCan the lesson schedule be changed at will?

ANo. Lessons are scheduled on fixed days and times. Lessons are scheduled on fixed days and times.

QWhat do you check before the lesson?

AThere are two things we need you to check: downloading the ZOOM application and connecting the headset and webcam. If the cause of the audio or camera malfunction is on the member's side, you will not be able to take the lesson again even if you were not able to take the lesson. Also, please check your lesson schedule on My Page to make sure there are no mistakes.

QI would like to confirm that my reservation was made correctly.

AUpon completion of the reservation, a "Reservation Completion E-mail" will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Please check it. You will also receive an email notification of the completion of your cancellation and a message from your teacher.

QI can't enter the lesson room, what should I do?

APlease make sure that you have entered the correct lesson URL, ID and password. We also recommend that you update your device frequently.

QI was unable to participate in the lesson due to unstable internet conditions at the course site.

AWe are sorry, but if a lesson cannot be taken due to a problem with the member's internet environment or device, the lesson cannot be rescheduled.

QCan I send you feedback on your lessons?

AYes, it is possible. We are currently preparing.

Membership Registration and Other Information

QI registered as a member, but I cannot reserve a lesson.

AYou will be able to make reservations after payment for the first lesson is received. If you have not yet paid, please click here.

QHow is the registration information handled?

AYour registration information will be handled in strict confidence by us.

QI registered as a member but did not receive a confirmation email.

AIt seems that some of the email services you are using (Yahoo mail, Gmail, or other free email addresses) may put notices from GLI Online English into your "Junk Mail" folder. Please check your "Junk Mail Folder" when you receive our messages.

QI registered my cell phone address, but I am not receiving any emails.

AFor cell phones, it is often the case that you cannot receive messages because mobile carriers have strengthened their anti-spam measures and users can set their own spam settings individually. If you are experiencing garbled text, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please upgrade your email software or obtain another free address (such as Gmail).

QCan I change or delete my information once registered?

AYes, you can. You can freely change your settings at any time by going to My Page > Change Settings after logging in. To delete your information once registered, please contact us using the form on the Contact Us page.

QIf one person registers as a member, can more than one person use the service?

AMultiple members are not allowed. Please be sure to register one person at a time.

QCan I take a leave of absence or cancel my membership?

ANo, there is no registration or enrollment fee.

QI want to change my password.

AAfter logging in, you can change your password by clicking on "Change Password".

QI forgot my password.

APlease reset your password by clicking on "Reset Password" on the login screen.

QWhat is the recommended environment?

AGoogle Chrome

QWhat is the recommended environment other than a browser?

AInternet environment] Wired environment [Zoom] Latest version

QThe received email is garbled.

ASome older email clients do not seem to be supported and garble the text. If you are experiencing garbled text, please upgrade your email software or get another free address (such as Gmail).