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Terms of use

By registering as a member of GLI Online English, you agree to the following terms of use.

Article 1(Membership Registration Agreement)

This Membership Registration Agreement sets forth the rules for the use of GLI Online English and related services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") provided by Global Learner's Institute (hereinafter referred to as "GLI"). It sets forth the rules for members to use these services.

Article 2 (Scope of Terms and Conditions)

You shall read these Terms of Use carefully and comply with them in good faith when using this service. All information on GLI's homepage and information that GLI sends to you by e-mail or other means shall constitute a part of these Terms of Use.

Article 3 (Modification of Terms and Conditions)

GLI may change the Terms of Service without obtaining the members' consent. In this case, the terms of use of the Service shall be governed by the modified Terms of Use.
The revised Terms of Use shall become effective from the time they are posted online, unless otherwise specified by GLI.

Article 4 (Membership Registration and Acceptance)

1.A person who wants to use the Service shall install the free telephone software (ZOOM) and register as a member through a prescribed method determined by GLI.
2.When registering as a member, please make sure that your communication environment is suitable for using the service.
3.Those who register as members (including those who register provisionally on the premise of registration) are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of this User Agreement at the time of registration.
4.Each user may only register once, and each user may only use the free trial period once. In the event that multiple registrations by the same person are found to be misusing the free trial period, GLI will claim damages from the user, and the user will pay for the damages.

Article 5 (Disapproval of Registration)

GLI may not approve the registration if any of the following applies to a person who wants to become a member of the Service
1. If an existing registrant attempts to register under another name
2. If any false, erroneous, or incomplete information is entered in the application for membership
3. If there is a risk of interfering with the smooth operation of this service
4. If the applicant has been expelled by GLI in the past
5. In case GLI judges that the applicant is unsuitable for membership for reasons other than the above

Article 6 (Date of Commencement of Use of the Service)

The Service shall start on the date when GLI notifies the member of the completion of this registration by e-mail.

Article 7 (Time Limit for Provision of the Service)

There is no expiration date for the provision of this service, but if no lesson (lesson/lecture) has been reserved for more than 6 months, the registered information may be deleted without prior notice.

Article 8 (Cancellation of this Service)

There is no cancellation of this service (i.e., withdrawal procedure). As stipulated in Article 7, we may delete the Service if it has not been used for a long period of time.

Article 9 (Lesson Details)

1.You shall take lessons based on the calendar determined by this service.
2.If you request to cancel the lesson you have reserved through the cancellation form
3.If the tutor does not attend the lesson due to special reasons on his/her part, or if the lesson was not properly conducted due to a problem for which the A user is responsible, the lesson will not be digested and the student may take the lesson on another day.
4.Details regarding lesson availability, lesson time, lesson fee, etc. shall be confirmed on Kou's website.
5.Even if the lesson starts late for the user's convenience, the lesson will end on time. In such cases, points will not be refunded.

Article 10 (Disaster Preparedness)

When it is temporarily difficult to attend the lesson and the service has to be suspended due to a sudden system failure, domestic situation, natural disaster, etc. in the country where the lesson is provided or where the tutor conducts the lesson, which is not the responsibility of GLI. GLI and users shall discuss and resolve the situation by postponing or closing the lesson.

Article 11 (責任の範囲)

1.In case GLI is not able to provide the lesson, the lesson can be reserved again. GLI shall not be responsible for any other damages caused by the lesson cancellation, even if the lesson cancellation is sudden.
2.You shall take the lesson after confirming the communication status and settings of your device sufficiently. However, if Kou judges that you could not take the lesson due to your communication device or line status, GLI will not return the points to you.
3.The copyright of files, videos, images, etc. that you send or upload to GLI, regardless of whether they are public or private on this website, is not protected by GLI.
4.If the site cannot be accessed due to server connection failure, GLI shall endeavor to restore the site, and there shall be no compensation for the lost opportunity of Paygate.

Article 12 (Protection of Personal Information)

The personal information of the member obtained by GLI will be managed in accordance withGLI's personal information protection policy. However, it is not applied to the personal information that you yourself have given to the GLI.

Article 13 (Copyright and Proprietary Rights)

All copyrights and proprietary rights to the trademarks, descriptions, and logos associated with this service belong to GLI. You are prohibited to use or redistribute any reproductions of them.


In the event of litigation between GLI and the member, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction of the first hearing between GLI and the member.

Supplementary Provisions These Terms and Conditions will be effective as of April 1, 2022.