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When you purchase a text,
we will send an auto-reply email to the email address you have entered,
informing you that the content has been received by us.
If you do not receive an auto-reply email within one hour of your enquiry,
the possible causes are

Incorrectly entered e-mail address

Please double-check that you have entered your email address correctly.

The free email filtering function is treating the email as spam.

If you use a free email (e.g. Yahoo Mail or Hotmail), the spam filtering function may treat the reply email as spam. Please check the 'spam folder' or 'delete folder' of the free email. *Depending on the type of free email and its settings. The sorted email may be automatically deleted after a few days.

Treated as spam by security software.

If you are using security software, please check if the reply email has been deemed as spam and sorted into the 'spam folder'. In addition, depending on your software settings and alcoholic beverages, your software may reject or delete the receipt of the email. Please check your software settings

If you provide a mobile phone address

If you have set up a domain name, please add "" to your pre-defined list of recipients so that you can receive emails from us.

How to set up to receive emails (docomo).

DOCOMO smartphones (Android).
1. Start sp-mode mail application.
2. Select 'Email settings'.
3. Select 'Other'.
4. Select 'General email settings'.
5. Select Advanced/other settings (Advanced/deactivate)
6. Enter your password
7. Select Receive/reject settings (settings)
8. Select 'Next'.
9. Select 'Step 4 (Receiving settings)'.
10. Enter "" in "▽Domains or addresses you want to receive individually" and select "Register".

DOCOMO smartphones (iphone).
1. Launch the safari application.
2. Select 'Bookmarks'.
3. Select docomo Customer Support.
4. Select 'Email settings' for service, email and other settings.
5. Select 'Advanced/deactivate'.
6. Enter 'password'.
7. Select 'Settings' for the receive/reject settings and select 'Next'.
8. Select 'Receiving settings' in step 4.
9. Enter '' in '▽Domain or address you want to receive individually' and select 'Register' to complete the setting. (vii) How to receive emails (Softbank)

For au smartphones (Android)
1. Launch the 'Mail' application at the bottom of the screen.
2. Select 'Settings'.
3. Select 'Email settings'.
4. Select 'Other settings'.
5. When the message 'Packet communication charges will be incurred' appears, press the 'OK' button.
6. Select 'Junk filter'.
7. Enter the 'PIN' and press the 'Send' button.
8. Select 'Advanced'.
9. In the 'Specified reception list settings' section, select the 'Set' check box and press the 'Next' button.
10. Enter '' in the input field and select 'Register'.
11. Check the contents and press the 'Register' button.

For au smartphones (iphone)
1. Tap the Messages icon.
2. Enter #5000 for the destination and 1234 for the text and tap Send.
3. Access the email settings screen after tapping the email settings URL on the received SMS.
Please access within 60 minutes of receiving a message (SMS). accessing the screen after 60 minutes will result in an error.

4. Scroll down the settings screen and tap 'Change email address, spam filter and auto-forwarding'.
5. Tap 'Junk mail filter'.
6. Enter the PIN and tap Send.
7. Tap 'Set up a designated reception list'.
8. Check 'I want to set up' and tap 'Next'.
9. Enter and tap Register.
10. Make sure the keyword is "" and tap "Register".